Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Dear Owen,
You turned five last week and I have been thinking over the past month just how grown up you are. You just started going to public school and love Senior Kindergarten. You are reading very well and share daddy’s and my love of books. You are getting a little bit of freedom and are allowed to “call on” your friends on the street. You are a wonderful big brother and love Isabelle so very much. You have started to answer the phone and have long conversations with your grandparents. You love to be outside and spend many hours riding your bike or scooter, playing at the park or bouncing on the trampoline. You take both swimming and gymnastics lessons and enjoy the physical activity. You enjoy watching TV and playing video games on your DS game system. You have so many facets to your personality; you are affectionate and cuddly, you are funny and silly, you are serious and focused, you are a good friend, a great brother and a wonderful son. I love you buddy…mama. xoxo

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