Monday, March 31, 2008

happy bunny day...

We had a wonderful Easter. Owen woke up first and found the card that the Easter Bunny left. He was very patient waiting for Isabelle to wake up...but as soon as she was up...the hunt was on. He was so very helpful with Izzie - he would put one egg in his basket and the next in hers...such a great big brother! Here are some pics of the day:
Isabelle putting the first egg in her basket:

The Easter Bunny also left a self portrait on the Magna Doodle...sadly later that day Isabelle added her own art and mommy has had to try to recreate that drawing several times.
Tricky hiding spots
Wonderful sibling moment...all day long Owen would pass her an egg and say "here Izzie, you have one. Put it in your basket. Good girl" and she would look at him with adoration and clap her hands when he said good very sweet.

And the breakfast of champions:

...that is right, marshmallows and chocolate fondue.

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