Monday, March 31, 2008

Decorating Eggs

Easter seemed to sneak up on us this we bucked the system and decorated eggs after easter...better late than never I guess.Owen is 4 1/2 now and so very independent. He wanted to do all the decorating all on his own, here is how it went...
Step 1 - pour the water into the cup with the colour tablet

Step 2 - stir, stir, stir
Step 3 - put egg in holder
Step 4-carefully lower the egg into the colour
Step 5 - watch VERY carefully

Step 6 - remove egg from colour ...this is where it starts to get messy

Step 7 - get more eggs and dye them
*remember to rinse the holder between each egg*
Step 8 - show off the messiest hands

Step 9 - decorate beautiful eggs with some Scooby Doo and Transformer stickers...
"now they look great, right mom?"
"of course much better now that they are covered in stickers"
And lastly Step 10- have a snack while mom cleans up

As an aside, Isabelle wanted to be involved, but with her prediliction for putting EVERYTHING in her mouth and dumping the contents of every container onto the floor, I was a little nervous to give her the cups of dye, or the dyed here she is with a hard boiled egg...
and after only a few goes into the mouth...does she like it you ask?

...judging by the photos...I think not...but she enjoyed squishing it throwing it on the floor.
thanks isabelle...mama did not have quite enough to clean up already
After the debacle of the hard boiled egg we thought maybe one with the shell on would be be better...but all the hard boiled ones were dyed...silly me..into the mouth and the egg was cracked. ***notice the colour stained lips***

Lets have one last look at those beautiful eyes...could my boy be any cuter???
~happy mama~

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