Sunday, September 6, 2009

The first sleepover...

I have such fond memories of my childhood sleepovers; staying up late, laughing, playing Barbies, staying up late, eating different snacks, telling stories, staying up late, watching movies, reading books and most importantly staying up late.
Jackson arrived here last night with his jammies, Bear and pillow...prepared and ready to spend a night at our home. I am so thankful for these friends (we love you Taylor family) in our lives who put their trust in us and allow their son to come and stay with us for the night.
There were some similarities between the sleepovers of my youth and Owen's last night...and there were some differences. They did stay up late! The also watched Ben 10 episodes in a nest on the floor, they ate yummy snacks, played Star Wars on Wii, played DS games, laughed, wrestled, giggled, had an old fashioned pillow fight and started off the night in Owen's bed. In the middle of the night Owen woke up with a sore belly and after some water and Gravol came in to bed with us...poor boy!
They woke up this morning WAY to early, but are in good moods and still the very best of friends. This first sleepover was a SUCCESS!

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