Thursday, November 8, 2007

Isabelle turns 1 & Weekend

Isabelle turned one on Tuesday, November 6th. Adrian and I reminisced about the day she was born, the stress and worry, the anticipation, the excitement...hard to believe that one whole year has passed. And what a sweetie she has grown into, she loves to play with her brother, walks around like a pro, is up and down the stairs all the time and is a master climber.

We love you my darling!

Tomorrow night, Adrian and I are whisking ourselves away for a whole weekend. For our birthdays in September, my dear sweet mom got us a gift certificate for a hotel for two nights and offered to babysit the kids for us. Well we jumped at the offer and are so excited to spend some quality time together. We are so busy with work, school, kids, starting a business...and general life we rarely have time to catch up. This weekend is just what we need to reconnect.

Thanks for making this happen mom...we love you!

See you Monday!!!

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