Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Getting in the Christmas mood

We have started to get the house decorated and started with the kids tree:
My parents started the tradition of giving us kids a new decoration every Christmas. My brother and I would open our boxes and hang our decorations on the tree. Then when we moved out of the house as adults, we were given our box of decorations for our own trees. I love this tradition and have started this at our house. Last year I made the kids each a box to hold their decorations in. On the inside of the lid I listed each decoration, the year it was given to them and who it came from. Owen delighted in pulling out each one and asking who it was from. I love traditions that stand the test of time and continue on through generations.
Owen did a great job decorating the tree and Isabelle kept pace with him taking the decorations off, to his credit Owen did not get frustrated with her...just kept going. He is a great big brother and she just idolizes him...too sweet. Here is the final product:
Hope you are all getting into the spirit too!

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Mike said...

Cute kids!

Has Adrian set up his "Star Wars" tree yet??