Monday, March 9, 2009

Project 365: Week 9

Trying a new thing this week with the Project 365 post. I am going to post each photo individually and the journalling that goes with it and at the end I will post the scrapbook layout. Let me know what you think...

Game nights continue strong this week. Tonight Owen and Isabelle worked together on a few puzzles. Owen is a self-proclaimed puzzle master and Isabelle is starting to hold her own. She chose this Diego puzzle; he put the pieces in place and she ‘tapped’ them was so sweet to watch how they figured out a way for them both to enjoy the activity. As soon as all the pieces were in place, Isabelle would take the board, flip it over and say “more doing puzzle”...Owen would look at me, roll his eyes and say “OK Bella, I would LOVE to do this puzzle again.” Gotta love those moments

My desk at work. I like to keep it clean and neat and clutter free. I have a photo frame that the kids bought for my birthday filled with pics of them and a family one of all of us. My favourite red water bottle to remind me to keep drinking water. A can of diet coke. My Mickey Mouse mug was a gift from a student when I was practice teaching for Montessori last year, I drink 2-3 mugs of green-peppermint tea every day. The seed art was done by my sister Kaitlin when she was 6 years old, it has been on my desk ever since. A potted Elephant Palm plant from IKEA. These are the things that make me happy at work.
This is just one of those shots that I felt compelled to take, although it is blurry it tells such a story. Beside his head you can see Owen’s calendar - he crosses off the days as they happen and knows what is coming up. His snack is on the dresser - applesauce tonight. His dream-catcher is above his head to make sure he has no more nightmares. His bed is scattered with all the books he was reading before falling asleep. His CD player is on the dresser and is belting out the Barenaked Ladies Snacktime CD tonight. He is sleeping in a Mickey Mouse sleeping bag tonight, he and Bella were playing with them today.

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