Monday, January 19, 2009

December 21

December 21
Christmas with Nana, Papa and Auntie KaitlinWhen Owen was a baby, we decided as a family, that we would not travel on Christmas day. We did this for lots of reasons; 1 - he was a terrible traveller as an infant, 2 - we wanted to start our own family traditions, 3 - we really wanted to always be in our home on Christmas and starting that when he was born felt like the right thing to do. That year we started to celebrate Christmas with Dad, Barb and Kaitlin at our place on Christmas Eve. This tradition as evolved over the years, they have moved up north and now we celebrate it on the Sunday before Christmas. Both Dad and Barb's families have big family parties on the Saturday, the 3 of them sleep at our house on the Saturday night and we celebrate on the really works well.

Auntie K got the kids some wonderful gifts:
Isabelle and her Little Pet Shop treehouse
Owen a Light Bright & a Yellow Speed Racer car

Owen made a button tree for Nana
Owen also made some pom-pom decorations for their tree
Papa and Bella looking at pictures - "this one is Owie, this one is Mama, this one is Bella, this one is Daddy"...she could go on all day...
Isabelle playing with her new necklace - not really sure what is going on in this picture?? After breakfast and opening all the gifs, Auntie K and the kids made a gingerbread train. Nana and Isabelle had a peanut butter and apple snackIt was a really wonderful family day!

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