Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Today is Wednesday.

Here's what's on my list today:
1. get out of bed, shower, get ready and dressed before kids stir
2. get kids up and dressed
3. make beds
4. make breakfast
5. make kids lunches
6. get dinner prepped for mom tonight
7. do blog post celebrating birth of Tobin
8. work
9. have lunch with Andrea
10. work
11. get some reading done for class tonight
12. submit expenses for Florida trip
13. work
14. submit benefit claim forms for new glasses
15. work
16. eat dinner in the car on the way to school
17. pay attention in class and make legible and interesting notes
18. call mom on the way home from class to thank her for watching kids tonight
19. spend time with Adrian before collapsing in bed (if he is still awake when I get there)

This past weekend was go…go…go. I flew in from Florida on Friday night, arrived home after midnight and left for school at 8am on Saturday morning, it was so hard to leave the kids and Adrian again after being away for a few days. After class, picked up a few groceries and then was home by 4:30. Dad and Barb arrived at 5 for visit & sleep over. It was so nice having time to visit and catch up with them once the kids were in bed. We sat around the kitchen table and just talked and talked and talked…it has been a long time since we have done that. It is so hard to have a normal adult conversation when the kids are awake. Sunday morning Owen has swimming lessons and Nana and Papa came to watch the little fish…he is doing so well…it is wonderful to see how confident he is in the water! Sunday afternoon Mom came for a visit and stayed for dinner. Mom is at our house once a week (on Wed) to do kid duty while I am at school…but she and I rarely get to visit anymore…so it was so nice to see her and despite kids being awake we did get a chance to talk a little.

This weekend is a long weekend, Family Day on Monday. I am looking forward to just being. Getting a few things done around the house, watering the plants, doing a little cooking…just enjoying our time together as a family.

Have a great Wednesday.

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Mike said...

Busy day - maybe you should try to distract Adrian away from his Star Wars action set and help you out with a few things?? :)


p.s. Adrian - it's for your own good!