Monday, July 23, 2007

Summer Doughty Day

Twice a year my dad's family get together for a day...4 of his 5 siblings (Aunt Shirley lives out of province)...all their children...and their children. There are now 12 great-grandkids and two more on the way, there are 10 in this photo.

From left to right:
Isabelle Gill...Owen Gill...Justin Doughty...Isaac Doughty...Kiah Doughty...Ashley Haringa...Jordan Haringa...Olivia Taylor...Rachel Cooke...Emma Coulson
(missing Cameron Cooke and Graydon Miller)

My grandfather, the head of this clan, passed away last year gand this was the first summer get together without him, he was really missed. I know that Grandpa Bud would have loved seeing us all together, he loved his family and has passed on that love of family to all of us.

This was the first time my brother and his family were able to attend, they came up from North Carolina for a few weeks. So nice to see them with the extended family.

Other than the weather, which was rainy, we had a perfect day!

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Mike said...

Adrian looks so happy!