Friday, May 4, 2007

The Lake

We are so lucky to live in Ajax and have beautiful lakefront to walk along only minutes from our house. Ajax has done a great job of preserving this waterfront area. There is a long paved path for walking & biking, a HUGE playground, a waterpark, amazing greenspace and so much more. We went to the lake on the weekend and just had a great time.

Isabelle is getting so big...trying to hold her own bottles:

Owen looking for Winnie the Pooh in "The Hundred Acre Woods"

Throwing rocks into the lake...such fun!

Great day!



doughtydigest said...

we look forward to spending some time at the lake with you this summer. It looks wonderful.

doughty said...

Your page looks great Jenn. I love the look on Isabelle's face, its priceless. Owen did you find Pooh Bear?